Special Topics in American History: History of the Atlantic World (Cr.3) Canceled as of 12/9/16
50:512:281:Sec.W1:02482             Location: Sakai
12/23/16-1/13/17 Time by arrangement

Golding, Christopher
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Special Topics in American History: The Civil War in American Memory (Cr.3)
Location: Sakai
12/23/16-1/13/17 Time by arrangement
Demirjian, Richard
Email: richard.demirjian@rutgers.edu

Online course in Sakai (go to https://sakai.rutgers.edu). Online course support fee of $100.  Satisfies the History/Philosophy/Religion General Requirement. In this seminar-style course we will consider the ongoing memory of the American Civil War. Over 150 years since its eruption, this seminal national moment continues to stand as the crossroads of our history. The sacrifice, suffering, and glory engendered by this fratricidal conflict capture the imagination of millions as evidenced by the millions of visitors to national parks, the innumerable published works, and legions of historical re-enactors which keep its memory alive. The Civil War defined and re-defined questions of federal and state authority, slavery and freedom, the fate of western lands, medical science, and even taxation. Yet in spite of all the change it wrought, there are those today who would suggest that it is still, in some ways, being fought. This course will examine the ways that Americans have searched for meaning in their Civil War, and how they have remembered it even re-fought its underlying battles in their culture. There will be no exams in this course. Students will be evaluated upon two criteria: 1) a series of short papers addressing a host of assigned readings and films and 2) informed class participation.