Both history majors and minors have the option to declare a “concentration,” which will allow them to build expertise in the history of a specific theme or geographical region, while still receiving a broad training in history. Declaring a concentration will be helpful to students who wish to focus their historical studies in a more structured way. Concentrations are also useful to put on resumes and job applications and to quickly explain to friends and family where one’s main interests are located.

Students can select from 16 different thematic and geographical concentrations. In order to complete a concentration, both majors and minors must complete at least 5 courses in their declared concentration. Students may declare only one concentration. To declare your concentration, click here.

The history concentrations currently offered at Rutgers-Camden are as follows. Click on each concentration to see a list of courses that qualify for that concentration.

Thematic Concentrations

Business, Finance, & Economics

Culture, Literature, & Art

Empires, Imperialism, & Colonialism

Gender, Sexuality, & Society

International Relations and Global Affairs

Law, Politics, & Government

Public & Professional History

Race, Ethnicity, & Immigration

Religion, Philosophy, & Ideas

Science, Technology, & Medicine

War, Peace, & Diplomacy

World Cultures & Civilizations

Geographic Concentrations

Africa & the Middle East

China, Japan, & Asia

Europe & Its Empires

Latin America & the Caribbean

United States History

Global History