News & Accomplishments: Lorrin Thomas

RECENT FACULTY ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO NOTE: lorrin thomas Dr. Lorrin Thomas, a Professor of History here at Rutgers University-Camden, has published a new book, Rethinking the Struggle for Puerto Rican Rights, which she co-authored with her Rutgers-New Brunswick colleague Aldo Lauria Santiago. Below is the abstract of the book. Rethinking the Struggle for Puerto Rican Rights offers … Continue reading News & Accomplishments: Lorrin Thomas

News & Accomplishments: Kate Epstein

RECENT FACULTY ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO NOTE: kate epstein Dr. Kate Epstein, a Professor of History, was awarded an ACLS Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship and membership at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, where she is currently spending her sabbatical. While there, Dr. Epstein has been working on her second book about government secrecy, defense contracting, and … Continue reading News & Accomplishments: Kate Epstein

News & Accomplishments: Wendy Woloson

Recent Faculty Accomplishments to Note: Wendy Woloson Dr. Wendy Woloson, a Professor of History here at Rutgers University-Camden, recently received a Rutgers subvention grant to offset publication costs related to her upcoming book, Crap: A History of Americans and Their Cheap Stuff, forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press. Additionally, her article, “‘Fence-ing Lessons’: Child Junkers and the Commodification … Continue reading News & Accomplishments: Wendy Woloson

Congratulations to Professor Woloson

Professor Wendy Woloson was awarded a grant from Rutgers University as part of the Open and Affordable Textbooks Initiative.  This is an honor for Dr. Woloson and a wonderful way of supporting our students.

An Interview with Dr. Shankman about his new book

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