1. International Relations and Global Affairs

Back to all concentrations   50:509:299 Perspectives on History (Jewell – Cleopatra) 50:509:299 Perspectives on History (Mokhberi – Joan of Arc) 50:509:299 Perspectives on History (Shankman – Stamp Act) 50:509:299 Perspectives on History (Thomas – Guatemala Coup) 50:510:101 Western Civilization I 50:510:102 Western Civilization II 50:510:103 Western Civilization III 50:510:265…

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2. Susan Mokhberi

…modern Europeans had more nuanced responses to Asia than previously imagined.   Journal Articles & Book Chapters “Publishing the Diplomatic Journey of Mohammad Reza Beg’s Embassy to Louis XIV’s France in 1715,” in Éric Schnakenbourg and François Terna, eds., Une diplomatie des lointains: la France face à la mondialisation des

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3. Fall 2024 Courses

…true, or at least, which version is most accurate and reliable? In our society, who decides which stories are important and legitimate and which are not? And finally: what is the historian’s role in negotiating these complex issues? This research-based course is designed for beginners, for students who may know…

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4. Careers in History

…Museum Curator Consumer Advocate Historical Consultant Nonprofit Administrator Diplomat Historical Researcher Political Analyst Documentary Filmmaker Historical Society Staff Member Political Consultant Economic Development Analyst Human Resources Manager Politician Editor Insurance Agent Public Administrator FBI/CIA Agent International Banker Public Policy Analyst Federal Investigator International Relations Specialist Public Relations Specialist Financial Services…

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5. Spring 2023

…European empires, leading to the establishment of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, and setting the stage for the Cold War. The course is designed to be both accessible to non-History majors and rewarding for History majors. It is approved for General Education credit in the “United States…

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6. Philip Scranton

…conferences, short-term grants-in-aid, and annual fellowships in support of dissertation research and writing. His publications include nine books and forty-five scholarly articles, multiple contributions to museum catalogs, and numerous reviews of books, conferences, and exhibits. Since 1985, he has presented research papers at over 50 international conferences in Europe, Canada,…

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