1. Excellence in teaching, to be defined in all of the following ways:

  • Demonstrated effectiveness in communicating course material, via lectures and/or guided discussion
  • Effective organization of course material, as shown in clear course syllabi that communicate requirements, structure of course, and learning goals
  • Careful grading of student work, accompanied by feedback that helps students to improve the quality of their work, not matter what their skill level
  • Responsiveness to student questions, interests, and concerns related to the course Evaluation of teaching excellence will be performed using the following tools:
    • Reports of classroom observation by the department chair
    • A teaching portfolio prepared by the NTT candidate for review, including a personal statement of teaching philosophy, syllabi, and other instructional materials
    • Teaching evaluation surveys
    • Letters and other feedback from students

2. Service to the department and to the campus, to be defined in one or more of the following ways:

  • Participation in department-level discussions and decisions about major requirements and curriculum
  • Support and encouragement of majors through informal mentoring and participation in student-oriented activities
  • Contribution to academic and/or student-oriented programs outside the department, which contribute to the mission of educating students at FASC/CCAS