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Student Spotlight

We R Rutgers-Camden: Kelvin Jeremiah

Kelvin JeremiahRutgers-Camden can claim many accomplished graduates.  Our students go on to pursue successful careers in all fields.  Kelvin Jeremiah, who earned his master’s degree in history from the Graduate School-Camden in 1997, has continued Rutgers-Camden’s tradition of accomplishment.  In March 2013, Kelvin was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) ... Read more ... Read more ...

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The History Department wants to help our majors plan their programs of study wisely and effectively, so that students can take maximum advantage of what we have to offer. Although we do not assign each student an adviser, we encourage all students to consult regularly with one or more members of the Department about course choices and also about other matters related to their studies.

Students who have gotten to know particular professors are urged to ask them to serve in an advisory capacity, particularly for in-depth advice about such matters as graduate study or preparation for careers. Give your professors a chance to get to know you outside the classroom, and they can give you a lot of useful suggestions, pointing you in the right direction early on in your major.

You are always welcome to consult the department chair, Laurie Bernstein. Dr. Bernstein will gladly advise anyone who needs assistance. During the spring semester of 2014, she will be in her office in 429 Cooper, Room 202, every Tuesday from 11-12 and 1:30-3, every Wednesday from 9-11, and every Thursday from 8-9 and 11-12, barring other meetings. No appointment is necessary in order to meet with her during this period, but you can alert her that you will be in by means of an email to or a voice mail to 856-225-2716. If this time is not possible for you, contact her by email to set up another time convenient for a meeting.

Whenever you visit an adviser, it is a good idea to bring a copy of your worksheets, both for the major and for the general requirements, so you can easily show which requirements you have fulfilled and which you must still fulfill. Please take advantage of Degree Navigator, a flexible degree audit and academic advising system for undergraduate programs.

One other point to bear in mind: if you think you have been given an exemption from a requirement (or that a special arrangement has been agreed to), make sure that you have it in writing.