The Leadership Studies minor aims to help Rutgers–Camden fulfill the University’s avowed mission to “prepare the next generations of leaders by delivering interdisciplinary and innovative research, rigorous academic programs and engaged experiential learning opportunities, and solution-oriented services that change communities,” in concrete ways.  This 15-credit minor will help to prepare students in the College of Arts & Sciences to become effective leaders in their respective fields, organizations, communities, and more. Students will be challenged to identify their own capacities for, and styles of, leadership; understand the challenges of organizations and how they behave; learn communications and critical thinking skills; and prepare to develop professionally. 

By capitalizing on our faculty’s teaching and expertise in these areas, the minor can provide students with the essential “soft” skills that will prepare them for success in diverse post-baccalaureate environments. This minor will be compatible with any major field of study.  Although offered through the Rutgers-Camden Leadership Institute, this degree will be available to ALL students in the College of Arts & Sciences. This innovative, interdisciplinary 15-credit minor will help students become more attractive job candidates and help them pursue a broader range of opportunities, for either further education or a career path. 

Interested in minoring in Leadership Studies?

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