Publication by Professor Shankman

Professor Andrew Shankman published “What Were the Founders Thinking When They Created the Electoral College?” at History News Network.

Lecture by Professor Thomas

Professor Lorrin Thomas gave a lecture to the history club and history department titled “Remake the Nation, Paint the Revolution: Mexico, 1910-1950.” 

Professor Mires named a Digital Studies Fellow

Professor Charlene Mires is a Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center Fellow for 2016-17.  The fellowship supports her research in relationships between urban development and historical memory, particularly in the case of the Cooper Street Historic District,

Presentation by Professor Epstein

Professor Kate Epstein gave a talk titled “Seizing the Torch: Globalization, Hegemony, and the Anglo-American Relationship, 1865–1918,” in the “America in the World” series, at the School of History and Sociology, Georgia Tech, 2016.