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Minoring in History

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TO MINOR IN HISTORY, students must complete 18 credits, 12 of which must be earned in Rutgers University’s 300-400 level courses.

Eighteen credits amount to six 3-credit courses.  You may be closer to minoring in History than you realize.  If you’re:

  • a transfer student who took US History and/or Western Civilization at community college
  • majoring or minoring in Africana Studies (for which some History courses qualify)
  • majoring or minoring in Childhood Studies (for which the History course “Education in America” qualifies)
  • majoring in Health Sciences (for which the History course “Health in American Society” qualifies)
  • majoring in Liberal Studies (for which many History courses qualify)
  • minoring in European Studies (for which some History courses qualify)
  • minoring in Latin American and Latino Studies (for which “Latin American History I” and “Latin American History II” qualify)
  • enrolled in the Teacher Prep Program

… you may be a good part of the way towards completing a History minor already.  Consider finishing it!

Please note that grades lower than C do not count toward fulfillment of the History minor requirement.

You can download a worksheet for the History Minor by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Prof. Kate Epstein, at kce17@camden.rutgers.edu.